RockDelta looks to invest in Latin America’s “grand and old railway tradition” Viernes, 18 de Octubre de 2013

At the beginning of October, Peru’s private investment promotion agency ProInversión met with representatives from 170 different Danish companies to discuss investment opportunities in Peru, and in particular in the rail sector.

Among these companies was RockDelta, which specializes in providing high-efficiency mats for vibration isolation and ballast protection from rail traffic. BNamericas spoke with the area sales manager for Latin America, Sergio Colomer, to learn more about the company’s interest in investing in rail projects in both Peru and Latin America as a whole.

BNamericas: In which projects in Peru is RockDelta interested in?

Colomer: In all of the railway projects, understood as conventional routes for transporting passengers, cargo, metros or perhaps in the future, tramways. Obviously, we always follow the projects that require anti-vibration measures to protect the environment, history and cultural heritage and in turn the people and buildings.

In various forums the transport authorities have told us about their strong conviction to improve the current rail network and at the same time develop new projects. Ultimately, we’re interested in any project, whether it’s a public or private initiative, that requires protection from vibrations caused by rail transit and ballast protection.

BNamericas: Who are RockDelta’s main clients and what type of services does the company offer?

Colomer: Our main clients are construction companies that have been awarded works for new lines and the expansion of existing ones. Sometimes it’s the companies that are awarded the operation of the track that contact us because they require maintenance works on the existing tracks.

The main product that we offer is our high-efficiency mats for vibration isolation and ballast protection based on inorganic ROCKWOOL technology, the biggest global fabricator of stone wool.

BNamericas: Which projects in Latin America is RockDelta involved in now?

Colomer: In Latin America there are various railway development projects, the most well known are in Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, recently they’re discussing projects again in Bolivia, … in short, I think that if I created a list of existing projects in each country one would get left out. The reality is that Latin America has a grand and old railway tradition. The economic growth that is observed in Latin America requires modern, ecological and efficient communication routes that facilitate the transit of people and goods. That is where the railway sector plays an important role.

BNamericas: Why is Latin America an attractive market for RockDelta?

Colomer: The development that we mentioned before answers this question. Latin America makes up almost a continent, which has spectacular demographic and economic growth. The necessity for new routes is imperative. If we combine this growth with the current European economic situation, we see that in the past years there has been a migration from the old continent to Latin America, especially of engineers, construction companies and qualified technicians. This facilitates the expansion of innovative technologies and advancements in new Latin American projects. Very often this technological interchange is combined with strategic unions between European and Latin American companies. The benefit is mutual.

About Sergio Colomer

Sergio Colomer has worked for multinational Danish companies since the 1980s and today is the area sales manager for RockDelta for the south of Europe and Latin America. Colomer has a degree in philosophy from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, a post graduate CAP from the institute of education sciences at the Universidad de Barcelona and is working towards a masters in marketing and sales management from the school of business administration.